Where does the AUV3 put .wav files and how can i delete them?

i have an auv3 instrument of mirack loaded in apematrix on my iphone. from a flash drive, i loaded a rather large file into the cf player module as a test to see how mirack would handle it. i then removed the flash drive and restarted the patch but the file is still there in the cf player module (even after rebooting my iphone its still there). it seems mirack copied the file to some hidden place on the phone. i cannot find this file anywhere in the file browser (not from the browsers inside the mirack auv3 or via the files app). it’s a large file and taking up space - how can i find/delete these files?

Very strange, I wonder if it’s being held in RAM. I can only think to ‘initialize’ the cf player

hope you can find it.

i rebooted the phone- that should technically clear the ram. but also i found that older files i had added into the cf player auv3 (that i’ve long since deleted from this phone) are still there accessible via the + and - buttons on the cf player. also the impulse response files i’ve added to the niythsi convolution reverb are, interestingly, accessible in the cf player as well. using those + - buttons. so my guess is that any .wav files added to modules within the auv3 - those get duplicated somewhere hidden. i definitely need to be able to delete some of these and clean house since my phone doesn’t have a ton of storage space left…

i also notice that when i load patches i made from the regular mirack into the auv3 - any modules that call .wav files (files from the mirack app’s folders) they’re are all missing the files in the auv3. so this also makes me think the auv3 is looking for files in some alternate universe reality.

I don’t use AUv3 because it can be head scratching tetchy most of the time, this is another example. I only use Cubasis 2 when I need a DAW but have had problems with most AU synths and Fx… Cubasis 3 is worse !!
I’ve had most success when keeping AU synths and fx to basic automation and rendering midi parts to audio. If I create patches or sounds whilst in AU midi track on Cubasis, problems tend to happen.!

Sorry I’m not much help, all the best

Note_that flash ram can keep stuff, even after an on/off reset (reboot)… I thought ‘initialize’ would clear the (flash) ram.