Auv3 IOS - Users cannot delete samples copied to hidden folder

in the auv3, when importing samples using any module that loads .wav files, those samples are automatically copied and stored somewhere on the device that is not accessible for the user. those files persist, even after the original file in the original location was completely removed. there is no way to access these hidden files in order to remove them (without uninstalling the app). they just start taking up a lot of space on the device.

request: the IOS auv3 - mirack does not automatically copy samples etc into the hidden folder. samplers etc in mirack continue to reference samples from their originally loaded location within the mirack app’s folder (so that users are able to manage/delete/rename etc.)

see this topic here for the original discovery and observation of the issue by several users: Where does the AUV3 put .wav files and how can i delete them?

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