My first Impression

As I’m a new user I just wanted to share my first impressions on the app you guys here, and especially with the developer.

I’m preparing for an extensive Van-Tour during my parental leave. So I have to put a blanket over the synths in my studio and go for a mobile solution. After some searching I came up with the plan to use my OP-Z, together with an iPad for additional Synths and two Pocket Operators. And then, while searching for synth-Apps, I stumbled upon miRack. And wow, how impressed I was and how useful this appeared to be.

After a first jam with a friend, he with his eurorank, me with OP-Z and miRack, I’m really looking forward to making some music in yet unknown places.

This app really is a game changer for my mobile music production. It is absolutely fantastic to have those capabilities on such a tiny device like an iPad.


Hey, welcome and thanks for your feedback, I’m glad you’re enjoying the app! Hybrid use with hardware Eurorack or other devices is especially interesting, let me know if you have any issues around this or anything can be improved.

Hi pronvit. Thank you for your warm welcoming words.

There have been no issues so far when it comes to interfacing with the OP-Z on an iPad, at least none that you could do anything about. It was quite a pain to get the OP-Lab module working correctly though, but that’s on Teenage Engineerings side.

I’m really looking forward to work with your app, and go further down the rabbit hole. Only thing that bugged me is an interface issue, that I already described in a feature request here in the forum: