Feature Request: Recallable Zooms / Views

While using the app in a LiveJam with a friend I had some serious issue: while on a real Rack this is seamless, it is quite hard to fluently switch between patching and performing on the app.

As a main reason for this I see the “cable chaos” and the missing general view of the app. I came up with creating own “performance sections” within the patch. But still there where always a few steps I had to do to be able to really perform:

  • zoom to the module / section I wanted to use
  • disable cable view
  • lock the modules

Then, when I came up with an idea to patch something differently, all the way back - unlock the modules, enable cable view.

The Feature that could shorten this path would be to be able to have some buttons, like 4 or so, on the top bar. Each of these buttons would recall a certain section of the patch, the according visibility state of the cables and the lock state of the modules.

That way it would be possible to very quickly switch to specific parts of the patch, and it would allow to very quickly switch focus between performance / patching.


This would be very useful for me as well!

It would also help if command-scroll wheel can zoom in and out, so I don’t have to reach for the keyboard when performing with a mouse.