Module requests

Though i love the wide selection of modules in Mirack, there are always addional modules that one might want to play around with.
Well… a suggestion thread with module requests is in order :slight_smile:

I for one would love to have access to the Chronoblob delay as well as the free Vult modules

+1 for Chronoblob delay

Sadly the developer of the delay is not planning to make a version for miRack, i asked them.

I also would love to have these modules, so + 1 for the Vult collection :smiling_imp:

Last time I talked to Leonardo (Vult), he didn’t have time to work on this. A lot of people would love to have his modules, hopefully at some point he’ll be able to do it.


Shame about the Chronoblob delay - I wquld also love this.

I have been quite impressed with the Count Modula collection and feel they would make a great addition.

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I agree with sowari, the count Modula stuff would be a great addition.

Something like 8vert would be really handy, as it’s nice and small. Tiny Tricks attenuator x8 only has one master knob and doesn’t go negative.

I’d be one happy day if the Starling Via modules were to appear in the miRack realm. The gateseq and generator modules are very fun. Pretty sure they were around before 0.6x days as well (if that matters for viability/ease of porting modules).

SV Modular (and the Lunettas) would bring another nice spectrum of utilities and clever/esoteric functionality (a good selection of these are non-commercial)

Kautenja DSP is another developer releasing a good variety of emulations that are seemingly quite novel/rarely emulated even among VST/AU plugins.

And a few other collections that would bring new features, functionality and tools to miRack.
Lifeform Modular
Hora (non-commercial of course)
Amalgamated Harmonics - a great collection of some “classic” modules here. Used these a lot in the early days of VCV

Thank you for your time and consideration. Yay!

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What about a marketplace similar to vcv? I’d pay to support development efforts by purchasing the modules I like (the paid Vult modules, for example). They could all be in app purchases, and proceeds could go back to the developers to help with development costs.

Yep we are actually working on this (support for commercial modules).


@pronvit, sounds great, keep up the good work!

This is fantastic news. I believe in supporting the ecosystem and have purchased commercial modules (more than I should have, probably) for VCV. I would do the same here.

Absolutely no problem with this idea :smiling_imp:

ChowDSP have some interesting modules. Would be great to see them in miRack

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Frequency Domain modules would be awesome, specifically for Ball of Confusion 4ms SWN clone.

Also, Terrorform, the new module from Valley Audio.

Both of these can load Serum wavetables. :heart_eyes:


Grayscale Algorhythm would be a great addition


Hello MiRack Community !

I know they are pretty new in VCV, but is there any plan to have the INSTRUO modules on MI ? Those hardware clone would be amazing on the app !!

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HI, I will be very interesting to have Instruo modules in MI, I am using MI for all my modular experiments.

Thank you


Hi @araguet, welcome
I see that you are not the only one intrested in the instruo modules…
I would like to see Hexinverter modules in miRack. Especially the drum modules.



hi @Runcell, the instruo modules in eurorack are very good, with lots of functions that you can’t find in other brands, so I as know that this virtual modules are free for VCV Rack, I’m asking what it is needed to have in MI


stoermelder would be a great addition to MiRack …

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