Zoomed out too far, lost my patch

Accidentally zoomed and scrolled my way far far away from my patch, now finding it impossible to return to my work. Totally lost in endless empty racks while the patch continues to play. Would appreciate any insight on how to get back to the patch! Thanks y’all.

Welcome to the discussion board- it’s a pity that you’ve begun with a problem. It’s one I’ve had myself- the screen just carries on scrolling like a mad thing, and there’s no way back. Or at least not one I’ve found. Sorry.

Hello Bloydo

I have make a little test:
I have load a module and i saved it, then i scroll for more than one minute in all direction, for lost my work, and after that i click on « Revert to last save » and voilaaaa hehe, in my case i found back my module in the right place.
Maybe in your case it will be working too!