What ipad version for mirack?

Hi all together

I dont know how I could miss mirack but just recently learned about it! And i heard a lot of ppl writing that its fun to use on an ipad…

So from time to time I feel really bored working on my imac and when behringer announced their brains module I gave it a thought to build up a small euro rack for jamming away from my desktop.

Anyway, then I saw mirack and thought why not go with this, its flexible in location and probably also fun to use and an ipad I could also use for other purposes too…

So my question is, what ipad do you recommend?

Used/ new, how big? I saw that theres also a ipad air available?

further more what are you using for recording your jams, for example, is there kind of a „recorder module“ that I can put into a patch so it records it and spits out a wav file or so?

What other gear are you using for connecting your ipad via ableton link for example?

Would love to hear some workflows from you.

Thanks a lot!


Hey, welcome.

I’ve been using an iPad Air 4 and it’s been great. I’ve either been running out of the iPad using an audio interface and recording into a daw or equally you can run a 3.5 mm Jack to 1/4” stereo jacks from a headphone socket.

I’m pretty sure there are a couple of modules that can record. Have a look in the sampler section.

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Thanks for your input! And one more question: does mirack take up a lot of storage or do you think 64gb would do the job?


Hi Silvano, yes 64gb will do the job. Of course 128 or 256gb means that you don’t have to clean up your iPad as often.

miRack on my iPad takes up 5.7gb - but that’s is with 300 or so saved patches.

Also there are recorder modules within miRack, that will record as wav files and can be imported to other apps or to your Mac etc.

All the best

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I’m still using the first gen 12.9" 32GB. I use AUM to run multiple instances of miRack. Performance depends on the amount of modules and additional AU’s used but it can run plenty before it cracks out (dsp/cpu starts tripping up the audio).

64GB would do the job well and yeah having a smaller hard drive means you have to always clean up the drive. However in my case I use the iPad as an instrument and record performance on another DAW so file space isn’t much an issue.


great to hear that actually also an older version still works!! Thanks for your post!

biggest recommendation is get an Apple Pencil with whatever you decide. adds another level to creativity :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks mate! Just realised that apple released the new entry level ipad with 64gb and this new chip.

I think that would be perfect for such a thing and costs around 340$.

Compared to a hardware MI module its pretty affordable I think and could also serve other purposes.

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I would love to get an iPad to play with miRack, as I use VCV Rack on my PC almost everyday.
Do you think a 2021 iPad is enough to run comfortably the app ?
Thank you !

Much later in time but yes!
I got my i-Pad 9th gen. last November. Near the end of April of this year I discovered Mi-Rack and saw a few modules that it contained.
That, were an instant purchase!
After almost 40 years working with and 30 years of DIYing modular synths - almost 2 months of learning Mi-Rack? I have moved to it, COMPLETELY!
Doing fairly large ambient and drone compositions- I haven’t yet topped 12% usage on this 64gigger.

I am, blown away! (Keep in mind! Just hit 60, and I gave high frequency hearing problems now. (What old pink rocker doesn’t? :laughing::laughing: )) With Sony MDR-7506 headphones though, I hear everything beauty!


Thank you for answering !
MiRack doesn’t take too much CPU indeed, but I am upset by its unstability, as it crashed a few times when I used it.
I think the software lacks a lot of feature, compared to Cardinal, which is free… Globally, I don’t like miRack for now and stopped trying to make music with it, but hopefully, there is the great Drambo, that I use everyday.

Oh that’s interesting. I am using miRack daily and I don’t honestly remember it ever crashing! Did you see a cause?

Thank you for that precision.
It crashed three times with the same patch that I could not open after that. Maybe because of Nysthi Simpliciter, which sometimes causes crashes in VCV Rack too.
I have not been using miRack for the last seven days and might give it a try soon, but I must admit I hate the lack of several features, such as the possibility to enter precise values in modules.

Precise values would indeed be nice! There are a few meters that can be used to check an offset eg.