VU meters/Disappearing Graphics

I am finding that after using around 14 to 18 VU meters, or modules like cf that use VU meters, the graphics go wonky in miRack. VU meters disappear, as do buttons, knobs and various graphics on other modules.

Is this a known issue?

My suspicion is that the display of my iPad can’t handle the load… But I was just curious about the issue.

I’ll have a look. It may be about the number of lights, but the limit should be much bigger.

May I ask why do you need so many VU meters?

Haha ikr!

I actually don’t, but they come with the Mono, Stereo, and Master mixer modules from cf.
So if you think just about a large drum setup with a synths, samplers, then add to that bass, pads, leads, textures, layering, ect, it’s fairly easy to imagine having that many VU meters included within the cf modular mixing system. 16 channels, with a few master faders is really not that big…

The other time it happened was when I made an 8 channel recording set up, with an additional stereo mix recorder, all inputs and outputs busable. I used BogAudio VU meters both pre and post mixer on all 8 channels, plus a couple that come with the 2 track Recorder. That was the 1st time I noticed things graying out and disappearing.

I really like the cf mixing system. I tested 24 channels of it against the mscHack 24 channel mixer and it was actually about the same, cpu wise. However, if one connects the solo system, it will make short work of one’s cpu, so I don’t use the solo system on it.

Hey @jorhay1, strangely enough I used VU meters for the first time yesterday! Never had to use them before. Didn’t have any issues, but I was only using 4 NYSTHi VU’s.

Maybe try a BOG AUDIO SWITCH (2way) for your pre and post metering. Will half the amount of VU’s.

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I have found that the NYSTHI mixers are chainable, and though they have REALLY NICE VU meters, they can be disabled to save cpu drain, and used only when you need them. They’re also small, easy on the eyes, have optional stereo inputs, a switch to disable the dc filter so they can be used for VC, and have an option for individual outputs on each channel.

Yes, very well put over. I use them as VCA’s as well, although I’ve never had to chain 2 or more together before.
I use them a lot.

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IKR! The NYSTHI’s are becoming my favorite mixer!

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