Unable to map MIDI CC controls when using as AUv3 in AUM

I’m able to map MIDI CC controls in the standalone mirack just fine, but whenever I load up mirack as an AUv3 inside of AUM it doesn’t seem to register my MIDI input. Everything else in AUM can be mapped up with no problem, just not mirack. Any ideas?

Where is your MIDI coming from?

I tried just now connecting a MIDI controller, routing it to miRack inside AUM and it works just fine. Do you have a different configuration or maybe forgot to route MIDI to miRack?

So, it turns out I’m an idiot and indeed didn’t route the midi signal from my controller to my various mirack instances. I had been mapping various controls from within AUM instead of within my instruments, and I suppose by the time I got to mapping mirack I had forgotten to make the connection. Thanks for responding and helping me get my head on straight!

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