Trowasoft modules OSC options

Hi, It seems the Trowasoft sequencer modules don’t come with the OSC configuration options.
I was trying to set up the TouchOSC templates, but not sure if it’s possible with the miRack modules.

Is this something that would need to be requested to the Trowasoft developer?

Many thanks

This has been [temporarily] disabled when porting Trowasoft modules to miRack because these modules already required a lot of work and there was some good reason not to enable OSC in the sequencers, but I don’t remember what exactly right now. I’ll keep in mind there are people interested in this feature and have a look again soon.

I understand, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the new update…there seems to be a bug with the Trowasoft modules in this update, now the module sizes are all a bit longer than they should be.

Wow, weird, I didn’t touch them… Thanks I’ll have a look now.

Hi, just updated the iOS version but still getting these long modules:

Thanks for the bug fix :slight_smile: