Top module requests

I’ll start:

  • Instruo - please please please….
  • Vult
  • updated Serge XT modules
  • updated Befaco
  • updated Nysthi

Wish list: Erica Synths, FLAG modules, Alright Devices, Path Set, Hora.


Afaik the absence of some manufacturers is because mirack is a payed app. Would also like Vult :slight_smile:

Yeah. There are politics involved, but at one point the miRack dev was working on a way for module developers to get paid via IAP in miRack. The silence and time between updates just … kinda sucks. But alas, I’m still enjoying miRack a lot.

Yeah info on development and possible updates sure is welcome. vcv, cardinal, mirack, each with their respective pro’s and con’s. What’s the reason to why importing module files to mirack isn’t supported?

Surge XT and Vult!

I completely agree: the lack of news and updates is not good. Or at least, miRack team should discuss or answer the questions of those who write in the forum.
At least for those of us who support the project by buying the app :wink:

Yes, please add the great Surge XT modules !

Would really love to see updated Nysthi modules.