The equal module Delay like Chronoblo2( only on VCV) on miRack

I’m new to this app, and well while I follow tutorials to Recreating also on my iMac via VCV to get more knowledge I try to recreate what I do on VCV into my miRack as well

seen obviously there is a ton of rack modules etc, I been trying to find some on miRack something similar to the VCV module Chronoble2 to use the Delay functions… I know is not on miRack but is anyone knows what will be the alternative, I will be grateful to suggestions or alternatives.

thanks and Cheers from awesome Berlin


Welcome Pablo,
you didn’t specify which features of Chronoblob2 you’d like to use, but maybe MI Delay Plus Stereo in combination with MI BPM to Delay Calculator (for syncing to clock) will work for you?

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@Charlie_So_What , if you’re after the clocked delay you can use MSM dual delay in sync mode.