Suggestions / Features request

Hello and thank you for making miRack :slight_smile:

It’s a wonderful app, i’m using it on iPhone (mostly in AUv3 format with Cubasis/AUM) and i just would like to share some suggestions :

  • vertical screen mode (for the standalone app)
  • a function to lock everything (modules, cables and parameters, for being able to scroll and zoom without issues)
  • an UNDO function (for the standalone app, mostly because of the previous suggestion)

Thanks :v:

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I second all these suggestions.

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Hi. Great app. I am having a lot of fun learning how to use it. Generally, I have been using it on my 6th gen iPad. I also recently started using my 6th gen iPod which I bought quite some time before getting my iPad. The general use is to use Korg Gadget iOS on the iPad to sequence my hardware synths and synths on the iPod.

As far as I can tell at this point, the only features not available on the iPod miRack is the “Duplicate or Rename” and naming your own creations.

When I go to save a new creation, it creates its own name and I cannot tap on the provided name to change it.

“Duplicate or Rename” is simply not present under the four squares menu icon in the upper left corner.

I can still send a patch from my iPad to my iPod and open it on the iPod. I just cannot rename or create my own names for creations.