[suggestion] patch merge/import

I’m finding that pretty frequently I want to replicate all or part of what I did in one patch in another. If I think of it early enough, I can copy a patch and build on it, but what if I spend hours tweaking a sound and then realize I want to include some work from another patch that also took hours to create?

An import or merge patch function would be really helpful.

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Or a ‘file’ module, that can load other patches from the saved list and be sync’d to tempo…
I’m in a similar boat today, where I’ve made a beat and would be great if I could try out different patches I’ve previously made with it.

I ended up sampling the beat…!

a way to merge two patches would be amazing. veeseevstrack by bs2p, you can load mirack .vcv files in there(of course a few modules sadly don’t work…) and in there there’s the module browser by submarine - it has a feature that let’s you load in other patches… this has worked for me on some mirack patches but is no where near an idea solution.

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The Submarine ‘module browser’ sounds interesting although I’m not too sure if CPU would be a problem.
I don’t have vcv rack… my PC needs a serious clean up and takes over half an hour just to turn on.

It might be possible to use 2 AU midi tracks in Cubasis to play 2 different patches together, I’ve not tried it.!

+1 for this request. Inability to merge patches makes it hard to separate sound design and composition/mixing stages. If I have an interesting kick sound in a different patch, I have to recreate it in the main patch I’m working in, which is tedious. I’m baffled that this feature is still not available, as is the undo button, to throw that into the bucket of requests.