[Suggestion] Move cables when hidden

It would be a big improvement if we could move and reconnect cables when ‘Hide Cables’ was toggled. PLEASE!

The visible part of the cable could be dragged to the desired input or output. Preventing this with Hide Cables enabled is a poor arbitrary restriction.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll consider adding an option for that. The reason moving cables is disabled when they’re hidden is that this mode is specifically to prevent accidental connection changes and allow to freely play with other controls.


What if there was a toggle in the settings ‘Hidden Cable Patching’ ?

i think the current way it works is best because it’s so easy to accidentally remove cables while trying to pan around big patches. im on a phone so this is probably a bit more of an issue for us smaller screen users. honestly i wish the “hide cables” option was a button in the header as im having to access it so much before panning around.