[suggestion] ability to disable whole rows at a time

with midi support: being able to hit a midi button to turn off a row and free up cpu within live performance monster patches - now that would make mirack even more useful and amazing!

or at least… having something in mirack like stoermelder’s vcv1 “strip” module - allowing us to enable disable chunks of modules via cv/midi. that would also be ace.

Right now probably a way to group modules would make more sense, but I have plans for a mode where rows will play greater role in organising modules in a patch and navigating it, then it’ll make sense to pause row by row.

Until either of that is done, can what you want be achieved for example by splitting into multiple patches and using multiple miRack instances in a host like AUM? Currently you can’t pause via MIDI (this can be added easily) but you can load different presets (patches) via MIDI if that helps.


Btw, I now checked apeMatrix - there you can assign MIDI to switch audio units on and off which effectively pauses them. The same doesn’t seem to be possible to do in AUM.

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oh awesome- thanks for mentioning apematrix and aum! being able to load patches via midi seems kind of awesome as well (the less having to fiddle with a phone or tablet on stage the better!). but apematrix seems like a really great solution so definitely going to check that one out first :+1: :+1:

update: thank you SO much @pronvit for mentioning apematrix- insanely powerful game changer coupled w mirack/sunvox etc. great for live performances not only being able to turn auv3s on off via midid but also recalling entire matrixes full of auv3s via midi program change messages.

Grouping Modules sounds great. Maybe even with collapsing them to some combined panel. Or with a way to save them and reuse them in other projects.

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