Sound quality compared to VCV rack

I’m comparing “Macro Oscillator 2” between mirack and vcv. On the same settings, they sound quite different, as if mirack uses a lower sample rate. Did anyone else notice this?

Just wait until the ‘miRack Sound’ becomes vintage and goes for $10k on eBay…:wink:

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ha I wish! but right now it just sounds lo fi

i am also noticing this recently- plateaux sounds a bit more gritty/digital lo fi than in vcv (or in veeseevstrack vst). have you tried to compare between the mirack vst3 plugin in osx versus the app? im curious if the quality is better in the plugin… i also noticed this lower quality between the sunvox tracker app on ios versus it’s pc/osx equivalent. but i guess it’s the trade off here is for mobility. making modular music anywhere is great fun :wink:

the good news is, at least for now, you can open your mirack patches in vcv. ive had no problems with missing modules- only have to relink up any samples (and sadly mirack projects saved in vcv won’t open back up in mirack) rendering from vcv always sounds better for me. also, i’ve noticed that, at least playing on a speaker system, the quality differences are very hard to hear so in a live performances situation where the sound gets diffused in the room, it would be no problem i think.