Some feature requests :)

Hi, thanks for all your work on miRack, some things I’d find useful are:

  • Patch merging +/or group copying of modules and pasting from other instances

  • when dragging a patch cable all possible destinations light up to make it easier to see where you can put it.

  • You could also have a dotted line animation with the currently selected cable to make it easier to see where the patch is going on complex patches

  • Multiple undo, I find I easily pull out cables accidentally and then I’m not sure where they were before

  • Floating module mode (no racks). Rack mounts make sense in the real world but on a virtual plugin in makes sense to be able to move things more freely, without being locked to a rack. This can make organising complex patches much easier. Could be a nice option, I find the rack mount a bit ugly personally :slight_smile:
    Or you could have some more settings to hide rack and change background colour which could help.

I’m sure you’ve got a long list of requests but just thought to mention these :slight_smile:

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Another great thing would be, when in cable hide mode, when you touch a cable you see where it is attached to…and being able to patch a new cable when in cable hide mode too would also be very useful, (cable hides when patched).

Looks like this is how it’s working currently in VCV rack.

edit: You could have an opacity slider for the patch cables in the top bar too :slight_smile:

I agree! A cable opacity slider, and highlighting which cable targets are valid (or hiding those that are not valid) would be very helpful!

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