[Solved] MIDI CC output module doesn't send 0-127 (0-63), causing issues with bipolar modulation with external synths/Eurorack

When sending a LFO to CC output it only sends CC 0-63. This is causing issues trying to control my Eurorack modules as well as software synths.

The issue is: when the LFO rises to +5v the CC msgs go up to 64. When it falls to -5, the CC msgs go to 0 and hold there until the voltage goes above 0. So I get the top of the wave but not the bottom. Unipolar when I need bipolar.

What my Eurorack MIDI to CV and synths expect is CC 0 is -5v and 127 is +5v.

Is there something I’m doing wrong, is this a bug or a design issue inherited from VCV?

It’s not a total blocker but it does seriously limit the usefulness of integrating MiRack with a real Eurorack. Which would be a real shame because I’m getting amazing results even with this (frustrating) issue.

Hi Dustyatx,

The Midi CC Output module expects 0-10V for the values 0 to 127, the Bogaudio LFO generates -5V to +5V in its stanard configuration.

Just set it‘s OFF knob to its maximum and it will generate 0V to 10V . The Bogaudio LLFO also offers an OFFset knob.

The JW-Modules MinMax module helps in analyzing min and max voltages of a changing input voltage. Turn its time knob to the left until the display stabilizes (ie it‘s long enough to catch a full LFO cycle)

For instance the Frozen Wasteland BPM LFP generates 0-10V in unipolar mode as shown by MinMax. Some specific LFOs (like the Frozen Wasteland Lissajou LFO) generate other ranges, in such case you can insert an Bogaudio OFFSET module into the CV steam and adjust the scale and offset until MinMax shows 0-10V and then route this modified CV to the Midi CC Output module.

Regards, -ki


Yes, Like @_ki said, it’s due to offset. You can also plug thru an attenuator like the BEFACO one and adjust the offset there…and using a scope will let you see when you’re at 0v to +10v.

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Thank you very much for the answer… I’m just working out how to bridge my physical and virtual modular… lots to learn, really appreciate the help!

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