Solved: Bug in Bidoo dTrOY and bordL?

From what I understand from the VCV versions the outputs at the bottom are supposed to send a gate for each step
Either I’ve misunderstood or I’m doing something wrong or this doesn’t work in miRack…

Hi @lasselu, welcome

If you haven’t already, Try plugging your clock out to the ‘EXT IN’, not ‘CLOCK’… and clock reset out to reset in.

It doesn’t work for me either if I plug from clock out to ‘clock’ in.

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I have the correct clock input so that’s not the problem.
However, based on something I read in the big miRack thread on the AudioBus forum I’ve worked out what the problem is. The signals from the separate gate outputs are so short they’re almost non-existent. I’ve run them through Submarine PG-112 and then I can get a longer gate to send to other modules.

@lasselu, do not use ‘CLOCK’ input… use ‘EXT CLK’ input instead.

A short gate is a ‘trigger’.

Some gate outs do not quite hit 10 volts, therefore modules like Submarines Logic modules will not see/hear the gate. To combat this double tap the logic module and select 0v to +5v.

edit - post a screen shot so that I can see… because I am getting gates at the output, when I plug to ‘EXT CLK’ but not when I plug to ‘CLOCK’, so I don’t think it’s a bug.

Sorry, not gonna bother with a screenshot. As I said, I’m using the correct clock input i.e. Ext Clk…

Ok… so you are getting gates out of them now then ?! sorted.

Yep, with a little help from PG-112…