[Solved] Bidoo dTrOY Bug when in background

The module seems to be stopping when switching to background audio on iOS 14.7.1.

Didn‘t notice this before, but now the behavior is consistent on my device running miRack 3.67

Sorry, to make this more clear: the module Stopp when I switch to another app, although „Background Audio„ is turned on in the settings menu.
I can also hear the reverb tail of the affected sound and other sounds from the patch, so background audio is apparently working as expected.

Is it using its internal clock or connected to external clock?
Also, can you confirm background audio is indeed working by connecting just a VCO to audio output?

The device is externally triggered by signals from the OP-Z.

Did a small patch that reproduces the issue. While working on it, I discovered it is only TE OP-Z App that causes the issue.

For the patch the following things are happening:
1 The Oscillator is always audible, also in background mode
2 V/Oct is always transmitted, the oscillator follows messages sent by the OP-Z, also in background mode and also while TE‘s OP-Z App is opened
3 The LPG is being triggered, also in background mode, but not, when the Teenage Engineering App for the OP-Z is opened. After switching back to miRack it takes a while, then the device starts again. Starting and stopping the OP-Z makes the device work again, if the start command is patched to reset the dTrOY, like in the patch.

So just to make sure, does this mean no bug in miRack?

Hi dobpoq, the oscillator will always sound because there is nothing to close down the mixer level - like an envelope.

Add an envelope to your patch and plug ENV out to the mixer (ch1) LEVEL input, and trigger the envelope from a GATE out… that can be the dtroy or a midi module or even both (using a multiple to combine 2 gate outs to 1 envelope input).

This will then close down the mixer level when no gates are occurring.

Or rather, the mixer level will only open when the envelope is triggered.

EDIT NOTE - you can plug many times from 1 output. So you can use the same envelope out to both mixer channels or control all 4 channels using the master level input.

Hi Runcell,

thank you for your efforts. The oscillator is there for bugtracking though, it should always be audible. If not, that would show a bug in miRack.

I‘m not sure whether there is a bug in miRack or the OP-Z app, or if there is some strange midi-filtering done by TE‘s app.

Nonetheless for me it is a non-issue, as I only use the OP-Z app during preparation, not during performance. Someone could use the OP-Z app for it‘s visuals though while performing, then the issue would be a real one.

For now I would consider the bug on TE‘s side, as miRack works with all other apps I tried it with. As soon as I find another App that causes the same issue, I will post it in this thread.

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