Short Envelope to Endless Drone

How would you generate an envelope, that can go from short attack/decay to an endless drone with a single knob turn?

Hi @dobpoq, I did this yesterday. There are possibly various ways, but this is how I achieved it.
You need a 2 way switch… the env outputs to one of the switch inputs… then add a ‘constant voltage source’ (like the one from NYSTHI), type into it 10.0 and that output plugs to the switch input 2 (10v will hold the VCA fully open, 5v will be half open and so on). The switch output plugs to the VCA level control… and a gate or trig to the switch will switch between env controlled VCA level to hold VCA level.

I hope that’s the type of thing you’re after, all the best.

edit - can use a ‘big button’ from nysthi to manually switch.

Almost there, but not entirely.

I am interested in a gradual change, let‘s assume something like:

0V - very short envelope
4V - long envelope, drone starts to blend in
5V - no envelope, only drone at full volume

I do find the blending part to be especially tricky. Most likely a lot of math has to be used, looks like a job for submarine ao106…

My hope was on some clever trick to avoid the maths.

edit: combining your answer and my improved description I now at least have an idea how to start…

You could try replacing the big button with a tact-1 slide controller and swap the switch with a cross fading switch like ‘scanner’.

Then you can always use an envelope that has cv inputs for each stage (A,D,S &R like dadsr from BogAudio ‘I think’) and use 4 tact controllers to manipulate each stage at will… maybe more what you’re after.

Let us know how it goes

All the best @dobpoq

Thank you.

Did just upload my solution to patchstorage:

It would be really great to have complex stuff like this within a wrapper, that can be stored and reloaded. Hope @pronvit will come up with something like that soon…

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Thanks @dobpoq, I will download and have a play… I like the arithmetic operators.
The pic shows my basic version with tact-1, manual control, from short env to drone.

Hi @dobpoq, thanks for putting your patch up on PatchStorage. I can see that we are on the same field, only different areas…

In your patch you have plugged the Oscillator (audio) out, thru an envelope controlled VCA to input A, of the x-fader… And another direct (audio) out from oscillator to input B, of the x-fader… no problem there. It will work. Can use x-fade dial to switch between env controlled sound and direct (not env ctrld) sound.

My patch (pic above) x-fades between control voltages not audio.

As you can see the beauty of modular, usually more than one way to achieve same results.

Thanks @dobpoq, hope you enjoy your Christmas

Hi @Runcell. Great patch from you, really like the idea to crossfade the cv‘s instead of the audio. That makes it more flexible and comprehensive than mine, i guess…

Merry christmas to you as well.

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Not necessarily more flexible, it gets the same results with a few less modules. Neither way is better or worse… And the tact-1 slider (that controls the x-fade dial) can be any control voltage, like a long slow LFO, so that it goes from a short env sound to a gradual drone and gradually back again.

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That’s the plan.

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