Scrolling bars bug

There seems to be a bug with the scrolling bars on the MacOS app. When not in full screen mode clicking on a bar will make it jump ahead (horizontally or vertically) then the bar becomes unresponsive. So far, in full screen mode that is not happening and the bars can be dragged, no problem.

MacOS 10.15.7

Edit: Just checked again. It happens when using a usb mouse, not when using the trackpad.

Interesting. I have noticed wild scrolling issues too, on 2019 iPad running iOS 14.2. Sometimes incautiously touching the screen with the hand when using a pencil will cause the rack to jump across/down, and then become unresponsive. Worse is the occasional instance of uncontrollable unstoppable scrolling in either direction occasioned by… I have no idea, it just happens. It can be stopped, finally, by frantic two-fingered dragging in the opposing direction, but it has invariably scrolled so far from the patch as to be irrecoverable. In each case shutting down and starting up again ‘cures’ the issue, but with the loss of what has sometimes been a promising set-up. Moral? Save frequently…