Recording miRack in AUM

Not being content to use miRack as an end in itself, I have been building some excellent drum machines using a variety of sampled bits and pieces, and would love to record them in AUM for dropping- via AudioShare- into Cubasis projects. Problem is that although I can get the drums built within AUM, hitting ‘record’ seems to have the effect of stopping miRack playing, and it only starts again when I stop AUM’s transport. Clearly it’s a connectivity issue- but where exactly am I going wrong? I have ‘run’ in the host sync module connected to ‘run’ in Impromptu’s Clocked module, but nothing else. Connecting ‘bpm’ just makes miRack subject to AUM, and I cannot see an input on Clocked for any of the other outputs.

Any ideas people?

miRack running with other apps is unknown territory for me, Wal. I’m sure there is a way to do this, but I haven’t looked into it. If I come across any vids covering this, I will certainly link you to it.

Actually Spider, in a rare example of self-sufficiency, I have found the answer myself- see the attached:

Good to know. I have given it a quick try, and it works insofar as the transport issue is concerned. There are still sync issues with recording, which I will try to figure out when I’m NOT at work!

Nice one, Wal, thanks for the link. That’s half the problem solved already then. Will save that one for future reference in case I ever need it. If miRack is now starting and stopping in time with the host, the sync issue must be something to do with the wiring of Clock/Sequencer Runs and Resets in the patch itself then? You’re getting there!..

Try this:

Recording mi in AUM app


1 open an AUM audio channel

2 load mi au at the top of channel

3 click mi input at top of channel

4 click ‘four square icon’ in mi app, upper left corner

5 select a demo app I chose carrilion

6 click the channel record button at bottom of channel

7 click the AUM transport record button

8 stop the AUM transport

9 open another audio channel

10 select ‘file player’ as source for channel

11 select ‘tap to load’, then ‘tap to load a file’ in file player dialogue

12 click latest folder, then the wave file in the folder

13 for demo I check the loop box. Close dialog.

14 to test, push mi icon in first channel left to disable it

15 press the AUM transport play button

Add effects, mix, multiple sources, marking those you wish to record.

You can rename the recorded files, move them with the ‘file’ app. Play several sources

And record them alongside the mi app. A microphone input, or others if you add

An audio interface via the ‘camera connection kit’

You can save the AUM configuration and instance, reload it later.

Hope this brief outline helps.


Thanks for that Bob. I’m now finding that it’s less the actual recording in AUM that’s the issue, more that it is almost impossible to synchronise with AUM’s own transport. Fortunately, incorrect starts can be trimmed in Cubasis, or even Audioshare, but it is still a little annoying. However, thanks to miRack I now have the drum machine(s) I’ve always wanted, so I think I’m ahead overall!

master clock. but remember when dealing with several different apps u have to have one master and the rest slaves. if they both think they are master or slave by default then corruption in the audio signal path happens.
i would say u are trying to add more segments, but why? you should try to slave a drummachine to a device or make the drum machine the master. where u get tricky is both have record enabled by default and await a midi or cv signal. so i guess i repeat i guess when u turn one on the other stops and is not recognized or receives no pulse or mo timecode. i usually lock cubasis or multitrack as the final or the audio share app as a recorder because i can reset the master clock sample rate as well as buffer, etc.

it sounds like u are trying to make four apps work in tandem even though u say only two. but dragging and drop can lead to errors becuase if u forget sample rate or bit rate then u are assuming the app will just automatically adjust and when that happens u get pitch changes and sync of not total lockup.

why not think simpler. try to think outside you old way and make it work without the extra step.

the idea u have sounds great but drum machines usually master, and modular devices are not set one way. u might have the AUM set at one clock and the other set all on …like midi interfaces feedback
and in midi u get double notes or noise.
if it shuts down is there a background audio option not switched? i have driven myself bonkers before trying to make my setup work like it did before only to learn audiobus updated and reset the default to no clock. i also use Network 1 to have everyone locked to that, because AUM is a matrix mixer. miRack cam also become a matrix mixer too. but only one can master. again when i setup all these synths together and forgot to master the drum machine, then everything else just ignored the midi signal. i look and everything os set connected to everything. not good. that is why its best to preset or record outside the processors. let your ipad be the music, then record outside onto another device. i do this or have becuase i have a real AUM not a virtual mixer matrix. i know this mightbe not picky but i always get confused when i have so many devices in tandem compared to hard wires coming out and going into a interface or a mixer. in the end, i always have a good recording and do not lose great performances all the while forgetting to hit record on the right machine.

hope this helps as everything is different once you start adding outside third party stuff, it becomes more of a setup issue, not a miRack issue.

nightmares waiting to happen.

in the old days we always recorded protools to an external drive for media only.
this was when hard drives had moving parts.
today people forget that your resources are better spent keeping the signal power on the machine and record to a basic system recorder. once you guys start making miRack run with AUM and a million other thrid party solutions your sync is shit.
why because most likely you have master clocks set at one bit rate and sample rate and apple defaults back to 48k…i a, constantly having to chck parameters when i start a new project and run things in the background. just the idea makes me chuckle because you guys are taking a genius of a synth and trying to force it into the little lawn mower. or maybe better described as a water saver on your shower sucks and no pressure is a weak ass shower. think like this …you are causing your problems by focusing on how many apps you can run virtually and in the background and most likely at different sample rates and bit rate…this is not a laptop running Ableton Live. that pitch correction and time based stretching on the fly may work with one strong app like dj or a multitrack recorder , but think…miRack is a beast. why force it into little boy shoes? background resources get eaten up and depending on the structure of your build you might be giving your iPad a stroke. i hope this helps, because i recognize your names from presets built on the vcs3 app, but this kind of multiplex third party app buffet just sounds like it should be in a expert section or “hey watchis!” section… as i said, i know you guys are geniuses but from what im reading you are possibly trying to push the envelope of what the best case scenario is designed to operating full speed ahead.