Quadsimpler sample bit question

Hello. I am a new user of miRack and a complete noob to modular synthesis. I am basically learning to use the app by watching online tutorials (thanks Electronisounds!) and playing with it.
Recently I tried loading some 24-bit samples on the Quadsimpler module and they did not load. I was able to load them after they were converted to 16-bit. Is that the expected behavior or am I missing a setting in the module or something else?


that is a good question, i guess though it is standard 16bit because most devices are standard. to run higher i assume the processing power must be higher and in truth most people will not know the difference unless using extremely high quality reference monitors. i will say about sample rate i learned apple made it standard for 48k instead of 44.1 because so many videos became the norm and video and motionpictures is 48k while regular audio is usually 44.1k …i have noticed that apps are having to default legacy support for 44.1 because so many people have audio from before apple raised the bar. but back to bit rate and sample rate. i guess i say i guess that 48k is the standard 16bit, because it is the most versatile setting and imagine if all different samples all at different bit rates. wither it all converts to one master rate or if the user will have to change this to make it work, i would assume the latter, because if there is no master setting, in the old days it would screech and crack and pop. horrible noise. just note thus is ipad audio and unless u have an audio interface that handles the offload for all the processing for various devices all running at different bit rates? nightmare city,