Presets for Modules - How are they used?

After building my synth, I find that there are a few settings which I wish I could keep as presets. I have noticed that there is a Presets option. I think it is probably intended to be used for multiple copies of sections of the synth so you do not have to dial them in every time.

Would it be possible to add a function where you can save multiple presets to be called up from a menu option?

For now I know I can save each particular setup as its own preset when I make changes in modules that I want to keep.

It’s also possible to ‘copy preset’ from a module in a rack, open another/new rack and paste - it’s cumbersome and far from ideal, but works as a means to move such settings from one rack to another.

Thought I’d mention as it has been useful for me a number of times.

Indeed, a proper menu of saved presets that can be utilized across all racks would be wonderful.

Yes a better preset management is in development. Currently, Copy Preset copies it to clipboard - you can use it right away and paste into another module or you can save it as text somewhere and reuse later.

@pronvit, thanks for the reply. I will have to use that.

I’m new here having just discovered mirack so hi all! I was wondering if it’s possible to morph between presets, (presumably providing they use the same modules)…

No there’s no such function at the moment. For CVs there’s a module Bidoo MOiRE where you can save multiple scenes (sets of CV values) and morph between them.

Ah cool. I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for getting back so quickly… Great software BTW…