Play midi file into miRack

How can I easily play a midi file of a hymn into a mirack patch?

Start MiRack, add a module like Quad Midi Input, and select App Default (not network).
Then launch a program called Sweet Midi, set output type to Core Midi, and for Midi output select miRack input.

Can right click the Quad Midi Input and select a particular midi channel for it. Can add more of the Quad Midi Input modules to handle other channels.

Play a midi file in Sweet Midi, and the info comes into miRack.

It would be sweet if there was a MIDI file player module, maybe it could work like Samplers with play/loop/start stop points/etc controls, but there isn’t to my knowledge. Gotta use external player app/au like TheGarnet said.

I use a combo of AU’s to make it happen – AUM with Atom Piano Roll on a midi track and miRack on an audio track.