Pitchbend midi input

Hi, I’ve been using the resonator module with the midi input cv to add an extra dimension to physically modelled instruments like geoshred and swam and having a great time overall. But one thing I can’t figure out how to do is to have the pitchbends that geoshred and other midi controllers put out affect things within mirack too - is it buried in the midi input module or somewhere else, or just not possible right now?

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Hi @Krupa, I mainly use MiRack standalone, occasionally record parts to Cubasis etc… but I might be able to help.

I assume you have a cable plugged from the midi module V/oct output to the Resonator V/oct input. There is an output for pitchbend on the midi module labelled PW for pitch wheel. This needs to plug into the Resonator V/oct also… add a multiple and plug both midi module outs (v/oct & PW) to inputs on the multiple, then the output of the multiple to Resonator V/oct.

Does that work ?


Ah cheers, that seems obvious now you say it, I foolishly thought pulse width but as it’s not an oscillator I should have thought that through , thank you!

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Works perfectly and straight away sounds ace - Thanks :pray:

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No problem cheers

Greetings. I am trying to use MiRack with a Linnstrument to send CV out an Expert Sleepers ES-8.

How do I set the pitch bend range and what is the default? I need them to match my setting on my Linnstrument so when I slide up a whole set, I get a whole step slide.

And is there a way to set the 1v/Oct range? Some VCOs want -5/+5, others want different ranges.