Patch for Ratchet Synthlines like Tangerine Dream and more…

Good morning!

I’m new here in the forum and an absolute newbie with Modular. I wanted to give it a try and before I throw a lot of money at it, I’d like to take my first steps with the MiRack.

I know the basic circuitry of a synth voice because I’ve been working with synths for a while.

I would now like to try something exciting like a ratchet sequence. Maybe something typical, like Tangerine Dream do, as an output. Later, the patch should serve as a basis for creating groovy and interlaced synth lines.

I have no. plan how to do something like that. It would be great if someone could give me a hand.

Best regards!

Hello there :wink:

You want to make this? :

In this case is vcv patch, but with similar module, i think is possible to make that.
I will try to make patch in the week and i upload it if i can.

Hello and Thanks for your Reply!

Thanks for the video, which definitely goes in that direction. I don’t know exactly what happens there, but several triggers on one step fits well. If you can then influence it “live”, there’s a lot of fun to be had. Yes, that would be really :+1:

Hi @tonstoff and @mbm, welcome to the forum.
The dTroy sequencer from Bidoo is great, easy to use and lets you have up to 8 triggers per step.
I’ve not used all the sequencers in the 2/3 ish years I’ve been using miRack, so there could be others.

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