OWhen I use it on my iPad

When connecting interfaces,Your fingers will block the interface and make it hard to see,Hopefully we can solve this problem

I’m open to suggestions on how to improve this. In your email, you mentioned Model 15, but I don’t see any real differences between dragging cables in miRack and Model 15, so I’m not sure what you meant.

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Hi @WaterBlue, have you noticed that a jack will snap to a plug… it kind of compensates for not being able to see directly beneath your finger.

I’ve managed to make connections when fully zoomed out because of this feature.

Model15 also snaps to plug, the only difference is when holding a jack you need to use a second finger to move around the ui.

What if it worked like “color pickers” in art programs? A zoomed in circle would appear above your finger when hovering the interface.

I get around this issue entirely by using an apple pencil :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah someone proposed that some time ago via email. I’ll try it some time. Although I think a better way would be providing a better feedback when the jack has snapped to a port and it’s safe to release finger, and maybe tweaking the snap area size. After all, whether the cable did connect or not is what matters, not that it is accurately placed above a port visually.

Would be great to use haptic feedback for this but unfortunately it only available on iPhone and not on iPad.

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