Nysthi Simpliciter

Hi! How to use the simpliciter? I mean, I can’t use the module display so no sample time selection or creating and moving slices… also how to emulate the combination controls for the display in miRack (shift, alt, ctrl + mouse click)???

Omri Cohen does a really good tutorial for the VCV rack equivalent- see below:-

If you’re like me, you’ll be gagging to get hands on (or more likely stylus on) with this long before the end of the video, so you may have to return to it a time or two.

I will give you a heads-up with something that confused the hell out of me- to load a sample into the sample field you click the module outside the field, not inside, which brings up a different menu. I’d advise keeping the samples short too, otherwise the auto slicing operation can result in long cuts, which can stall the random playback.

Honestly, you’ll have a lot of fun with this. I couldn’t stop smiling for days…

Thanks RtB, the sad news is that some of the options for simpliciter in that video are not present in current miRack version… and also I don´t know how to use th eequivalent of using Shift, control and Alt in the desktop… Can´t set loops and slices in miRack. thats why I was asking…
Hope Mifki can answer…

You can indeed set loops and slices, in two ways. Simpliciter can do it automatically by detecting transients, or you can do it yourself by simply setting adjacent start and end points. Both these methods are clearly demonstrated in the first half of the video, from the 14:10 mark. I must confess I saw no mention of shift, ctrl or alt commands- but I may already have been poking around in the module itself by that stage!

I may be wrong but I think the features you’re missing are not available in this version. There’s no reason for display not to work, and also NYSTHI author tested the module before release. You can move the markers with knobs - isn’t it what you’re looking for?

yes maybe the features are missing in this version… I mean moving the makers and sample position with my fingers, as you do with the mouse in VCV.
Is an update coming soon!?? thanks!

Is anyone else finding that overdubs using Simpliciter in MiRack reduced the volume of the previous pass on each overdub? Is there any way to preserve volume?

Hi @Ruchir, I’ve not noticed it… and used 4 of them in a track recently. Is it the mix dial by any chance ?

I’ve got the mix dial set to default centre. It’s position doesn’t seem to make a difference, on each pass the previous pass lowers on volume some % like a tape delay.

mm? Some times hard to tell if a fault/bug or supposed to happen… I’ll see if the same happens here.!

Hi @Ruchir, I’ve not had a chance to test out recently, but I just remembered that I made this (sample looper) using several simpliciter’s a while back. I don’t recall having any issues with sound/samples fading out. I’m on the same version now as then.
I’ve also made a dub track on miRack fairly recently, using 4 Simpliciter’s for the beat and didn’t notice anything.