NYSTHI Master Record 2

When I set the file path for NYSTHI Master Record 2 it still saves the wave file in the default directory. Is any one else having this problem?

Sorry, this is on an iPad and iPhone with the latest OS.

Hi BT1, yes I have this issue… but not too much problem. I just save to MiRack and export to other apps from there using Files or Open in.
I prefer to record into a sampler (like complex simpler) because it doesn’t ask to name the recording when hitting the record button, it just records… double tap sampler (after recording) to save… and again I always save to MiRack folder and export from there. I did just try saving from recorder to Cubasis and the recording didn’t appear in Cubasis !

Which app/s are you importing the recording to ?

I can import the file into both Cubasis 3 and AUM.

That’s good… you can save to Cubasis. From there you can export to most apps. I don’t have AUM, so I’m not sure what options you have there.