Noob question re iOS version

I have just started, and in trying to work out how to do a sequencer reset, I notice that miRack start/stop seems to take over clock modules, so run and other buttons no longer function.

I’m wondering whether this is preventing reset functions, and if so, if the clock modules can be uncoupled, as it were, from the start/stop button.

Hi @kevind, the main play/stop button will stop the whole patch… very useful. To reset the sequencer its best to use a ‘reset’ output from a ‘clock’ module to the ‘reset’ input on the sequencer… then tap the reset button on your clock. Anything connected to that clock (that is also connected to reset) will all reset and play in sync together.

Once you have a clock reset connected - tap the clocks reset button and watch the sequencer jump back to step 1… then you know it’s working.

All the best

Hey @kevind — I wanted to share this tip as it relates to your question. Dean (I think that’s his name?) aka Electronisounds Audio has posted some really useful stuff on YouTube, and his MiRack content has been invaluable to me.

This livestream is packed with info, and I think it’s well worth the time to watch… and the link will jump directly to the point where he shows how he sets up the BigButton module to do the start/stop/reset. It’s a very simple tip and I use it in all of my MiRack project templates.

Thank you Runcell and Andrew–responses much appreciated.

I did finally discover that if you put the main button into play mode that you can then start/stop/reset a sequencer in the patch. Because I didn’t know that, my reset wiring wasn’t working as I was hitting play/stop on the main button to try to get it to reset.

I have looked at some of the tutorial videos from this guy on the miRack website, which have been helpful indeed; the ‘big button’ suggestion in this example seems very convenient.

I understand basic (subtractive and FM) synthesis, and had some experience with a Buchla and MS20 years back, but actually wiring it myself has been a bit more challenging, esp having forgotten all that. I am at this point trying to become familiar with the bewildering number of modules–I’m sure I will be back soon with more questions.