No sounds from AirPods (2nd gen)

So my iPad and iPhone work fine with the AirPods which is great but when I try to use Mirack with the my MacBook I can’t get any sound to output to the AirPods. Yes they’re charged, and yes all of my other computer audio is outputting through them but not Mirack. VCV has an output that allows a drop down menu so you can choose different sources, I can’t find anything like that on MiRack.

anyone else know about this?

I posted a similar issue last year

interesting, it works fine on the iPad and iPhone just not the MBP. and when im traveling I don’t bring wired speakers with me.

Hi guys, welcome to the forum… I would love to help out except I don’t use a Mac, I use miRack only on iPad and I don’t use AirPods !! Sorry… hopefully someone somewhere does and sees this.
All the best on your quest :v:

@UnityofNoise did you try creating multiple output device in audio midi setup or smth like eqmac/blackhole?

thanks, did you have any plan to add an output device like the one in VCV that will give you more options than just the default?

I’m not developer, moderator, tester… just welcoming fellow miRack user hopefully prompting a soloution. Maybe @discoparadis is onto something there.!? Thanks discoparadis.

just tried it + here’s my first solution
after connecting airpods pro - go to audio midi setup + press cmd+1 for audio devices section - make sure airpods are not selected as your input device - if so, set input it as mb pro mic
let me know if it doesnt work for you - there are many other options @UnityofNoise

Hi All -

I am revisiting this question:

Is it possible to use AirPods when working with MIRack on my iPad? My hope when I got the app was that I’d be able to use it on commutes, etc. Certainly not possible if the sounds are coming through the speakers.

Thanks -

I never had a problem with the AirPods on iPad or iPhone, it was only on the MBP. the workaround for MPB is to use “loopback” or some other audio routing software and create and output for the AirPods.

Thanks Unity -

So you are able to hear the MI rack through your AirPods? Was there some setting you had to choose in the app? For the life of me I can’t get it to come through the AirPods, even when all the other audio is coming through them (YouTube, iTunes, etc.)

Any advice greatly appreciated, Best, g

I had the same issue, but changed the input to internal microphone and the output as the buds, works now