No simple oscilloscope available?

Sorry for the newbie question but I’m new to miRack, coming from VCV and real world Eurorack. I’ve been spending some time this morning looking for a simple but effective oscilloscope, similar to VCV’s own, but could not find it. Am I missing anything? They’re all either overly feature rich (e.g. multiScope) or broken (EO-102). I’ll welcome advice!


Hi @giacecco, I know the vcv one you are used to, I used it all the time in miRack until they took it away ! I’ve been using either ‘Full scope’ from JWmodules or ‘EG 102’ from Submarine… input A (on EG 102) doesn’t work as expected - thru zero ‘or something like that’, but input B will give you a good visual. Adjust the time dial on both to suit and the ‘full scope’ needs the scale (first 2 dials I think !) brought down.
A basic 4/5 input scope would be a nice addition !?


Thanks! I had fallen in the trap of the broken A input of the EO-102.

I’d be really curious to read more about the VCV-miRack feud from a neutral source. It’s so bitter it makes me feel like stopping using both as a matter of principle.

I’ve read bits and pieces, but I don’t know exactly what happened. It is very much a shame. But I wouldn’t restrict myself over it. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. You can always sample what you make in vcv and load it into miRack and visa versa.

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After reading the manual of the EO-102 I realised that by moving the level knob you can “fix” the A input issue. It’s expecting a trigger and its response is expecting a rising edge. not a complete fix as you keep needing to adjust the level knob but it makes it work much better (allows for the tracking of two envelopes which it didn’t before).


By default the first input channel (Channel A) is used as a trigger to synchronise the scope display. An external trigger input is also provided and this signal (which is not displayed on the screen) will be used to synchronise the display if anything is connected to it.
The trigger operates on a rising edge, and the trigger point can be adjusted using the LEVEL knob.