No simple oscilloscope available?

Sorry for the newbie question but I’m new to miRack, coming from VCV and real world Eurorack. I’ve been spending some time this morning looking for a simple but effective oscilloscope, similar to VCV’s own, but could not find it. Am I missing anything? They’re all either overly feature rich (e.g. multiScope) or broken (EO-102). I’ll welcome advice!


Hi @giacecco, I know the vcv one you are used to, I used it all the time in miRack until they took it away ! I’ve been using either ‘Full scope’ from JWmodules or ‘EG 102’ from Submarine… input A (on EG 102) doesn’t work as expected - thru zero ‘or something like that’, but input B will give you a good visual. Adjust the time dial on both to suit and the ‘full scope’ needs the scale (first 2 dials I think !) brought down.
A basic 4/5 input scope would be a nice addition !?

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Thanks! I had fallen in the trap of the broken A input of the EO-102.

I’d be really curious to read more about the VCV-miRack feud from a neutral source. It’s so bitter it makes me feel like stopping using both as a matter of principle.

I’ve read bits and pieces, but I don’t know exactly what happened. It is very much a shame. But I wouldn’t restrict myself over it. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. You can always sample what you make in vcv and load it into miRack and visa versa.