Moving several modules at the same times

Could you please implement a function to moving several modules at the same times :raised_hands:



Would be really helpful. I’m very spontaneous in my patches and rearranging later is not so easy :crazy_face:

Yes this would be great to have :slight_smile:

I’ll see what I can do, moving is easy, need to decide on all the UI details (e.g. how multiple modules will be selected for this). I’m also thinking about other ways to make it easier to organise modules in a patch (which would be optional modes). For example, automatically making space for modules when moving, or automatically condensing modules on each row to the left. Let me know if any of this sounds useful or if there are other ideas.


+1 for making space for module when moving

Yeah something like for example you choose and new module and start to move it into place say and the modules to the right all move a bit automatically to allow for the new one to drop into place (a bit like Drambo?) Not a very scientific way of putting it lol, but just a potential idea. Thanks for the incredible work you have put into this app!

Yes making space for modules , is individual module resizing possible?

Also great app, using on macbook pro late 2013 runs great, it’s great, thank you let’s get more ideas going and make this the ultimate modular!

What do you mean? Some modules are already resizable - for example, Notes, multiScope, FullScope. If that’s the kind of modules you mean then yes, some other can be made resizable, too, I guess.