More than 4 simultaneous MIDI note inputs


I was wondering if it’s possible to read more than 4 MIDI notes at the same time. I do a lot of notes processing and that would be useful. Duplicating the Quad MIDI Input won’t work obviously.

I’ve got to say it would also be convenient (at least for me!) to get a Quad MIDI Output (identical to Quad MIDI Input) rather than duplicating the single-note MIDI Output 4 times.

Thank you!

Actually you can read more then four notes and it is possible to use more then one of the quad midi inputs…I posted these pics over on the Audiobus site under the MiRack thread a while ago. I think it was around page 52 or so. I haven’t tried it but I guess you could load 4 of the quad midi inputs to get 16 notes in. Hmmm maybe 16 channels as well X 4 notes…:thinking:. Outputs you’re limited to the smaller modules but you can still use enough to have 16 channels out…


Thank you @des! Good trick, you’re using different channels as I can see. Never thought of that! Thanks a lot for the screenshots.

Hey, thanks for the suggestions - I’ll add bigger MIDI I/O modules to my todo list (which is pretty big already so unfortunately no time estimate).


Is the future roadmap / todo list publicly viewable ? :slight_smile: