Module CPU Usage

Is there a way to figure out how much individual modules tax the cpu?

Perhaps a cpu use color code on modules in the bin?

Even a list on the website would be great when making large systems.

Aside from finding the lowest OSCs, VCAs, EGs, Sequencers, ect, I’d like to know how much we’re taxing the cpu when using ‘harmless’ modules like mults, logic gates, utilities, ect. Blanks? Text Displays?

Anyway, just thought I’d bring it up…:nerd_face:

It’s actually an interesting idea to have an indication in the module browser which modules use more CPU and which use less. I’ll see if it can be done with reasonable effort.

The problem is that such information is very approximate - for example, how the modules are connected and whether they can be processed in parallel (the engine is multithreaded) or have to wait on outputs from each other will have a bigger impact on the CPU usage of the whole patch.

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Awesome. Let me know if there’s any tests we can do to help.

I am assuming multithreaded modules use more cpu than their counterparts?

Can you give a couple of examples of multithreaded modules and non multithreaded modules?

Thanks for the reply!