[Module Bugs] Bug-Report for several modules (Rodent V2, SmashMaster, MagisterFuzz, Stairways, ClockableDelay, STEREO)

I noticed some bugs with several modules. Since you mainly supply the environment to run these modules and the modules themselves are developed by others, i‘m not sure where to address bug-reports for the modules.

  • The NSYTHI distortion modules Rodent V2, SmashMaster and MagisterFuzz only produce broken audio. The knobs seem to have some influence but the general sound is broken. I tried with several buffer sizes and 44.1/48Khz sample-rates on my iPad Pro 10.5 / IOS 13.6

  • When using both stereo inputs of the Slinky Labs Stairways module, the output turns to MONO. It is the right input channel that is output to both L & R output s.

  • The state of the REV toggle button of NSYTHI ClockableDelay does not state-save. It is always off when recalling the module .

  • When feeding the Pan CV on the cf STEREO module (for instance with a TACT producing 5V for center position) the right channels output signal gets inverted.

Thanks! NYSTHI modules are closed-source so I’ll let the developer know, but the rest I should be able to fix. will be fixed in the next update.

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