miRack shuts down with stairway filter

Hi Vitaly @pronvit, hope you are well.

I’ve been on the latest version for a couple of weeks now, great work by the way, the flashing cable plugs are nice and large patches all working fine, undo and redo much appreciated …but… stairway filter from squinky labs shuts the app down. Once loaded into a patch it’s not until you start to plug it in that the app closes.

It’s a great filter, hope it’s not too much trouble to fix.

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I’ve found that if you have the play button activated and plug things in/remove leads then it will cause the app to crash. If you pause playback whilst you plug in/remove leads, then it’s fine.


Yes, thanks @Thom, I found out soon after… if the patch is stopped it loads in ok and is useable. Not a major problem. Cheers

All the best

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  • 1 for this. I use this filter a lot, it’s become my go to. will be grateful if you can fix it. I made almost an entire track and now when I try to open the file it crashes the app :frowning: a simple text of this filter is a direct crash when I open an init patch and hook up the filter outs to the audio out.
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Hello ! I’m new to this forum (any place to introduce yourself ?), and i want to helps with bug report :slight_smile:
Stairway crash in my case when i make a series of two instance of it, but run nicely with on of it.

Hi, welcome @mbm.
I’ll give this a try and let you know tomorrow if the same happens for me also. I’ve run sounds thru stairway then nysthi but not 2 stairways !


Hey @mbm… no issues for me. Are you on the latest version ?

Thanks :wink:
Yes, latest miRack, but not latest ios version.
I update my ipad when it’s totally safe with all the auV3 and daw is confirmade fine, because i use only ipad for my musical projects, video editing etc etc.
I’m on ios 15.2

I am the same also, latest miRack and iOS 13… I like to stay one or 2 iOS versions behind. So there are less issues. And I only have an iPad at mo for music making and videos… looking forward to getting a m1 MacBook soon :star_struck:

I can’t put a video up without putting it on Twitter or you tube first… but here is a pic of 2 stairway filters, in series with several modulations input and it works fine. One thing to remember is to stop the patch playing, using the little play/pause button at top, when plugging audio in and out of stairway… if not it may crash.

Thanks Runcell !! I will post the picture of the patch, but is quite simple, i make it for testing, one vco, vca, adsr, and the two stairway.
Is not crashing with one, but if connect one to another, in serial, is crash.