miRack Legacy in Ableton - Midi out


I’m using the miRack legacy plugins in Ableton, and I can’t route midi out from it as it’s not possible with audio units in Ableton for some reason. For other plugins, I have to use the VST versions instead to get midi output.

Is there any workaround for this, or would it possible to get miRack Legacy VST versions for macOS?



I’ll have a look, I wasn’t aware of this limitation of audio units (or rather that VSTs can do it) in Ableton. A VST version is possible and this may be another reason to make it, if I can find time.

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Thanks, it’s a strange limitation. I’m not sure if it’s just with Ableton or audio units in general.

When you route midi from a VST instead of AU, you get another option under pre/post fx in the dropdown menu.

Screenshot 2021-02-22 at 13.06.54

Workaround for now is to load the patch on iOS and send midi with IDAM, but would be so much nicer to have it saved in the Ableton project!

I agree a VST version would be great.

Btw, it is a limitation of AU in general, unless they are specific ‘MIDI’ instruments like in Logic Pro X.


I found this. It really sucks that it is still this way, Apple.

They say IAC driver is the only solution to send MIDI to another plugin from an AU. I guess there might be latency issues.

hello - a quick followup on this discussion: is it possible to send MidiOut to Ableton (from MiRack sequencer to Ableton Instrument) in the AU Legacy version – even using the IAC driver? How would I set this up, if so? thanks!

I did some tests just recently, and indeed, unfortunately looks like Ableton and other DAWs don’t support MIDI output from AU plugins the “normal” way. I’m now investigating how else it can be done and what latency or other issues that may cause.

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Awesome – thanks for checking this out!

I’ve found a bug which made MIDI output using IAC Driver from miRack Legacy AU unreliable. This will be fixed in the next update. It’s still a bit jittery as Ableton doesn’t provide necessary information to the plugins for sample-perfect MIDI output, but it’s within the normal latency caused by the audio buffer size.

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If there was a VST version of miRack, it would be easier to implement MIDI Out.
I always use the VST version of Reaktor for this reason.

Yes, that’s an option. I actually have the VST3 version half done, but when I worked on it I didn’t know about this MIDI problem. Now there’s one more reason to finish it, I guess.

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Any update on this? Would love to send MIDI out of miRack AU/VST instances.