miRack (iPad) synced to Cubase (MacPro)

Been using miRack on an iPad Pro. Fantastic. I’ve been able to get audio from there into Cubase on my Mac Pro, but haven’t been able to sync miRack to Cubase (so that miRack plays in sync with other tracks in Cubase). How do you do that?
Thanks. Joe

Try the Basic MIDI Input module. You should have “App Default” in yellow in the black box. Make sure you have Cubase open. Select it. Try “All Channels”. Select the CLK 1 output into the clock input of your synth.

There are other MIDI and clock modules such as Stellar Modular’s Link V2. If not, if you have another AUV3 app, try syncing it with that and sync Cubase to that. Fugue Machine has worked in the past.

Others have used AUM as a recorder and synced with that. In Audiobus, you can route MIDI so you can see if you can route MIDI with AUM or try Audiobus if you have it.

We discussed this with Joe via email and it works for him now. However looks like Cubase lacks some of the nice options to ensure perfect sync that are available for example in Ableton. These are MIDI clock sync delay setting and obviously Ableton Link.

Does anyone have experience synchronising other software or hardware via MIDI specifically to Cubase?