miRack crashing on start up

I cannot get into miRack because it crashes before it has fully loaded up… i have updated to the latest version and it is still happening.

I think the reason could be the impulse response reverb from NYSTHI (convolzilla) that I put into a patch before shutting down the app. !

I’m not sure how long I can survive without virtual modular :scream:

Deleting and reinstalling not really an ideal option, I have somewhere like 500 patches and quite a few tracks in need of just a mix… . @pronvit please help…!

edit- I can make a screen recording if need to.

Did you try opening it to another patch without the faulty module? Like try to open another patch from the files app


It closes itself down before it’s even fully loaded up …:sob:

I don’t have the files app.

Yes I do have files app… never accessed it in this way before… and all is well… phew ! Thank you so much @hghon, I loaded a (different) patch from files app and miRack didn’t mind opening…

Maybe convolzilla needs a fix !

Thanks again @hghon, all the best


Great news @Runcell Cheers

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i’ve had many problems (crashes, excessive glitches) with convolzilla in mirack, vcv rack pro and vcv standlaone… i think the module is in serious need of some fixes by nythsi

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It would be great to have this working especially as I have hundreds of IR’s of reverberant spaces that I’ve recorded over the last few years… and to use my own reverbs in a (virtual) modular would be very nice. :pray::musical_keyboard::pray:

looks like somebody has reported an issue with nythsi at their github page: https://github.com/nysthi/nysthi/issues - but doesn’t seem like nythsi can repro the issue. perhaps you might be able to help along the cause?

I only use miRack on iPad and I don’t have vcv… the issue raised on GitHub is about vcv and problem loading in an IR causes it to crash… the issue I had on miRack was not loading an IR, it loaded ok and worked, but after a few mins, miRack just suddenly shut down and and would not open on that patch. I had to open a different patch thru the files app, just to get miRack to open up.
I wouldn’t want to complicate things by throwing in another (different) issue, on a different platform. Maybe better to start a new thread, or appeal to Vitaly @pronvit here… as I’m not sure (remember) if nysthi are onboard with miRack or not ?!

Hello there :slight_smile:

I have make a little test to modificate the files inside .mrk:
If in Document app, (not Files) you rename the .mrk file to .txt, you are able to open it like a folder.
Inside it you have many files, and it is one important for your, the autosave.vcv file.
Rename it to .txt, then open it.
Search for your plugin in the text, in exemple is like this : « {“plugin”: “Bogaudio”, “version”: “1.1.35”, “model”: “Bogaudio-LLFO”, “params”: [{“paramId”: 0, “value”: -1.11150062084198, “toggle”: 0}, {“paramId”: 1, “value”: 1.0, “toggle”: 0}, {“paramId”: 2, “value”: 0.0, “toggle”: 0}, {“paramId”: 3, “value”: 0.0, “toggle”: 0}, {“paramId”: 4, “value”: 1.0, “toggle”: 0}], “data”: {}, “pos”: [0, 1]} » , after that it is another txt module begin.
After you erased the line of module you want to remove, rename the autosave.txt to .vcv, then rename the miRack files from .txt to .mrk.
Then open it in miRack, and it will be open it without crashing module.

I know it’s a long process but, if you have working many hours/day on a patch, it is very useful.

I have make only one test, but a think it’s working all the time.

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Thanks @mbm, for the tip. Luckily it was not a track, or anything serious. Was just trying to get some of my own IR’s into miRack.
Handy to know though. Cheers :v: