Mirack Audio Units on Mac

I am running miRack (not legacy) on my 2012 Macbook Pro on Catalina. I purchased the audio unit IAP, but miRack cannot seem to find any AU plugins I suspect the issue is with my older computer. Is there a way to manually point miRack to my AU folder, or does it only recognize compatible apps?

I suspect I may just need a new laptop at some point but thanks for any help :smiley:

I’m running Sonoma on a M2 Mac Mini. AUv3 are visible and it’s working for me. The host devices in miRack are for AUv3s only - the AU plug-ins aren’t supported. This is the plug-in standard for iOS devices and now that the latest Macs use the same kind of CPUs, you can now have AUv3s on these Mac (when the developers of these plug-ins permit this), but…

Since your computer doesn’t have that kind of CPU, you won’t be able to run AUv3s.

Ahh yeah. I should have read a bit closer, thanks for clarifying. I have an iPad pro so I can use it on there anyway