Mirack as AUV3 in ableton

Hey guys

I love miRack on iPad and recently thought it might be cool to try to use it in Ableton to get midi out of the Marbles module into drive VSTs.

I am not quite sure how to set it up though.

I have it in a midi track in Ableton, and used the simple midi device from a basic sequencer. Unfortunately although a scope shows that this should work, when I connect the sequencer to the v/oct and gate there is no midi in the output midi track.

I’ve tried to use “All ins” in the receiving midi track (channel 1) as well as trying to get midi straight from the miRack midi track.

I will try to upload a screenshot below. Has anyone got any advice about how to make this work (or if it works?) thanks very much


Hi, I’m not sure if this will help at all but …
I have noticed in the past my midi gear did not like the short sharp triggers used in modular but if I add an envelope between the trigger and the midi out module gate in, it was fine.

This was standalone though so I cannot comment on the auv3 /Live part!

Hello, Thanks for your reply

Took me a while to get some time to try this out, but unfortunately adding a simple AD envelope between the sequencer and midi out didn’t seem to work.

Bit of a bummer really. I would LOVE to have marbles driving VST’s in Ableton


Hi @Richk , sorry I am only now seeing this reply.
That doesn’t sound right to me, I have made many MIDI patches in miRack to drive hardware.
When I said add an envelope I should have maybe been clearer and mentioned that MIDI is really looking for gates with some length, go too short and it often gives me problems. Maybe try a Rampage and use the Falling gate output?