MIDI learn in AU plugin

Hi all, I can’t seem to get the AU version of Mirack to respond to external midi controllers. If I select MIDI learn, the red outlines show up but, even though my software indicates the presence of midi input, Mirack won’t pick it up. AM I missing something obvious? BTW, when I click on the wrench icon to look at midi inputs, there is no reference to MIDI.

In AU mode, MIDI routing is managed by a host app - that’s why there’s no MIDI settings in the menu in this case. So normally you need to choose to send MIDI from your hardware to miRack instance in your host app. Have you done something like this?

Hi. Yeah, I’ve got a Nanokontrol 2 wired up to the mac and other devices can see and react to the midi CC’s from it within Hollyhock 4. So MIDI is getting to the host application for sure. It just can’t make it into Mirack…

Ah, it’s on Mac… ok, what host is this? I’ll check.

Hi I’m using Usine Hollyhock 4. Thanks.

Everything seems to work fine for me, however I had to use Global MIDI Input module (in Usine) to get it working.