Macro map bug on Ableton Live


I’m using Mirack VST on Ableton Live (v11 mac) and would like to map some knobs to the device’s macro sliders for the ease-of-control. But it seems that I only be able to assign/set to 4 buttons within the popup box (see attached image)… I’ve tried using keyboard, mouse buttons, combinations of both but it does not work…

Please resolve this. Thanks

Screen Shot 2022-11-26 at 11.54.15

Hi Khuong,

i once had a similar issue with zooming and found the trackpad of the Mac to be working. Maybe try that for this issue as well. If you are on a Macbook, of course.

MiRack is just primarily made for the iPad, and that means for touch entry. The plugin for Mac is quite lacking.

If you are working primarily on the Mac you should anyway switch to VCV Rack, which has way more modules and possibilities. It is basically the same program, and as far as I know you can even open MiRack Patches from the iPad on it - please check the forum on this information.

Hope this helps.

Hi Dobpoq,

Thank you for your tip, unfortunately I’m on an iMac and don’t have a trackpad :expressionless:
But I will give it a try.

I’ve been using VCV rack too however I prefer Mirack for its convenience. I can do the patching on my ipad anywhere and continue to finish it on my mac or vice versa. Moreover, I find sequencer modules in Mirack are somehow intuitively better. VCV rack modules are all over the place but not quite there yet.

My workflow is somewhat similar to yours.

Because of the limitations in the handling of miRack on macOS I recently switched to continue using MiRack on the iPad and connect it directly to my daw and record it there. With Ableton Link this works really good.

I‘m not sure though, if you can route audio to the iPad, and routing Audio to the Mac you are limited to a stereo stream - if you are not using an external soundcard for the iPad.

Yeah, I like to use Inter-app audio to get audio from mirack on ipad to DAW rather than connect it to a soundcard via ipad audio out. At the moment I don’t have the need to route audio out to mirack yet.
Sometimes I just want to get the midi sequences from mirack only.

How do you use IAA to route audio to a Mac? Didn‘t know that is possible.

Just connect your idevices (iphone, ipad…) to mac and enable it in Audio Midi Setup app. Your idevices becomes an external devices, you can easily send / receive midi data between Mac/idevices, however it only route audio in.
I’ve been using this type of setup (ext. drum machine, synth, fx…) a few years now.