macOS usability improvements

I’ve posted most of my thoughts in other existing threads (keyboard shortcuts, undo/redo etc.) Here are a few usability improvements for the macOS version of miRack that I haven’t seen mentioned in other threads:

  • submenus open on hover (no click required) to match normal macOS behaviour
  • tooltips for menubar commands (I keep forgetting what each one does)
  • adjustable preview sizes in module browser
  • option to turn off cable colour menu animation (slows things down)

Thanks! Loving miRack so far!


Thanks, I have most of these on my todo list already. Unfortunately disabling the menu/popup animation isn’t that easy, it’s seems to be an Apple bug as they’re already disabled but still present. I’ll see what else I can do about it.

Love the app. Yeah on the iPad Pro gen 5 the split window button is right on top of the + so you gotta flip it sideways to add more patches. I’m sure you know this already.

Yeah, toolbar in split mode needs improvement… but you can add new modules by double-tapping an empty space in the rack. I personally do it this way always rather than using the + button.

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