Looper modules?


Any chance of adding the Lilac looper or similar ?

Or… is there a module that can already provide a looper-like functionality, without too much patching?

Simpliciter/Simplicitor from NYSTHI… turn on grid (bottom left) then touch and slide upwards on the 7 segment number labelled ‘grid’. That will slice your sample into 2,4,8,16,32 etc, equal parts that can be triggered and controlled with cv + gates.

Hey, yes, but am looking for a module which can be used more in a live looping setting

simpliciter and confusing simpler can act as looper , cause they can record audio input ?

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Yes that’s the way, thanks @nay-seven. Omri Cohen has made a video demonstrating it.

There is no cv control for the grid/slices which would be useful.


If anyone wants to download this, let me know and I will put it up here or at patchstorage… Or i can explain what is happening if you want to build your own.