LFO assigned to MIDI CC causing crackles

I assigned LFO to MIDI CC output and it is causing crackles.
Tried other LFO’s (not miRack) and all goes smooth.
Please, check the video.


All shown LFO’s are controlling the same parameter. Density in Bleass Granular.

Is there anything I am doing wrong?

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Probably that’s because LFO causes too many MIDI messages to be sent and this is causing the problem. There’s a rate limiter in the MIDI output module, maybe it’s not enough. I’ll have a closer look.

What’s the other LFO which is working fine?

Rozeta and custom Drambo LFO patch are working okay

I think you want to have this as a custom because it is system/CPU dependent. Sometimes you want very high timing resolution there. Yes it’s kind of abuse of the MIDI protocol but whatever.

Just a hard limit to some sanity, would be my wish.